The interaction of hardware and software is becoming increasingly important in order to guarantee the customer a maximum product experience. This means that sources of error can be diagnosed on an ongoing basis and corrected over-the-air via an update, thus optimizing them for everyday life. Since the update runs in the background, the end customer is not affected and can continue to use his vehicle without restrictions, for example.

Digital Battery

The Digital Battery from SCIO Technology GmbH accompanies its physical twin throughout the entire product life cycle and continuously collects valuable information about its use in daily life. This regular feedback enables the battery to be continuously optimized during operation. Future products can be selectively improved through these feedback loops and this facilitates their market launch. The enhanced data increases operational efficiency and thereby extends vehicle range. In addition, the coordination of conflicting objectives in complex systems is made easier, since the digital battery virtually depicts the performance in the real-time product environment.

digital infra
Digital Infrastructure

The expansion of wind and solar energy will make energy generation more volatile in the future. While electricity was generated in large power plants in the past, the number of small and decentralized power plants is increasing steadily. Digitalization offers the possibility of intelligently linking the decentralized power plants to one another and forming virtual large storage systems. This network can store excess energy in times of low demand and feed it back in when needed. In order to sustainably and smoothly maintain the operation of this system, SCIO Technology links its energy storage in a digital energy cloud.

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