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Investor Relations

Investor Relations

young business man and partner pointing on financial report for  analyze the company's sales plan in the office.

As a technology-oriented company in the e-mobility and renewable energy sector, we operate in a capital-intensive environment. We work successfully and sustainably with strategic partners and investors over the long term. Are you looking for an investment opportunity in e-mobility and renewable energy? Do you have a broad, technology-oriented network? Are you interested in actively shaping the future with us? Then we should talk to each other. Contact our Investor Relations team:

SCIO Network

We develop promising projects into marketable products.

Spin-offs of internal product ideas or the scaling of business models that are developed in our partner network constantly offer attractive prospects with multifaceted investment opportunities to become part of the SCIO ecosystem.

Would you like to quickly convert your own product idea into a prototype and test your idea on the market with first lead customers?

Are you interested in investing in fast growing companies?

Then become part of the SCIO network and contact us.