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Use Cases

Use Cases

Innovative battery systems for all applications – modular, compact, powerful


With heart and mind – a sign of the times


Feel the wind – enjoy with all senses

L7E Light vehicle

Quick as a flash - light city vehicles buzz around town


Full power ahead - leading the e-mobility transition


More power to you - self-sufficient wherever the road takes you


Silence is golden – a new drive for public transport

Truck Boardnet

Cooling, pumping, mixing - can all be done electrically

Truck Hoteling

Engine off - Brick on

AGV / Logistics

Tireless logistics - electric endurance runners

Tiny House

Small with a punch - power storage for your tiny house

Home Storage

Soak up the sun - more power for your home

Industrial Storage

Tower of Power - XXL power storage


All the way to the top - buffer batteries for elevators


At your fingertips – anytime, anywhere


Higher, further, faster ... the next mountain is calling

Riding Lawn Mower

Hear the birds sing - Battery modules for riding lawn mowers