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SCIO Brick stationärer Speicher

Tower of Power - XXL power storage

Batteries offer the perfect energy storage system for a self-sufficient power supply for urban neighborhoods, for the industry and for production sites. The batteries store the energy from PV systems or wind turbines for use when it is needed not only when the sun shines or the wind blows. The powerful SCIO Brick® can be scaled freely:

Use your own electricity when you need it, reduce the costs of CO2-taxes for fossil fuels and benefit from feeding electricity into the grid - everything is possible with the Tower of Power. The storage of electricity is environmentally sustainable and conserves resources.

... wind turbines were installed in Germany in 2020
... kWh of electricity was generated in Germany in 2020 by wind power and PV
0 Mrd.
... tons of annual CO2 savings for electricity and heating in Germany
Wechselmodul Brick 2021

SCIO Brick® Features