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SCIO Brick Wechselmodul

SCIO Brick® Interchangeable System

Powerful. Compact. Modular.

The SCIO Brick® interchangeable system is the battery module with the highest energy density currently on the market. Developed according to automotive standards, the 48 V SCIO Brick® offers significant weight savings with high power and energy density. With its robust housing and LED display, the SCIO Brick® is ideal for applications such as light electric vehicles, scooters, boats, small excavators and home storage systems and is perfectly matched to the 48 V on-board network of commercial vehicles and motorhomes. The SCIO Brick® offers a seamless integration into the system network and can be either permanently integrated or used as a swappable system. If more power or energy is required, the freely scalable modules can be connected with up to 6 bricks in parallel offering up to 15.36 kWh of energy. Further scaling options are available.


The SCIO Brick® Interchangeable system - the modular and innovative 48 V solution for your energy needs

Use Cases

Application examples for the powerful SCIO Brick® interchangeable system - the battery module for all applications 

Riding Lawn Mower

Hear the birds sing - Battery modules for riding lawn mowers


With heart and mind – a sign of the times

L7E Light vehicle

Quick as a flash - light city vehicles buzz around town

Truck Hoteling

Engine off - Brick on

You have questions as to whether the SCIO Brick® is the optimal solution for your application?