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SCIO Brick Hotelling

Engine off - Brick on

A conventional truck spends a good portion of its time stationary. Due to the increase in auxiliary units, up to 4.5 liters of diesel per hour are currently required to generate electricity. The environmentally friendly 48 V SCIO Brick® provides electrical energy saving up to 7,020 liters of diesel fuel per truck annually, corresponding to 18.6 tons of CO2 emissions and ca. € 2,000 in CO2 tax at the current rate. The powerful 48 V SCIO Brick® can be permanently integrated into the system network or offered as an interchangeable module. Thanks to its low weight, fuel consumption remains low and handling is easy for the driver.

... per hour is the fuel consumption of a truck when idling
0 L
... of the nights a truck operates in hotelling mode
0 %
... is the hotelling fuel consumption of a truck per year
0 L
Wechselmodul Brick 2021

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