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SCIO Brick LKW Versorgung

Cooling, pumping, mixing - can all be done electrically

Trucks currently generate their electricity for cooling and for the tank trailers conventionally using the diesel engine, both while driving and when stationary. With an environmentally friendly 48 V SCIO Brick® as the energy source, immense amounts of CO2 can be saved. That reduces the diesel consumption, exhaust fumes and noise pollution. The SCIO Brick® can be permanently integrated into the system network or used as an interchangeable module. Thanks to the low weight of the SCIO Brick®, fuel consumption is further reduced and handling is optimized for the driver.
... per hour is the fuel consumption of a truck when idling
0 L
... CO2 can be saved in refrigerated trailers
0 t
... of diesel are the potential savings for refrigerated trailers
0 L
Wechselmodul Brick 2021

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