Prototyping und Kleinserien


In prototyping, we use an agile approach to create a draft as the first version of the final product. This is used for the early visualization and iterative optimization of a product and its interaction options. This process involves all project participants from usability experts, designers, developers and customers to the actual users.

In this way, feedback can be obtained at an early stage in order to correct and improve concepts in such a way that a user-friendly application is created, because the customer is the focus of every development step. To speed up the process, we have made it our mission to convert the existing CAD models directly and quickly into component parts.
Prototyping is, together with subsequent usability testing, the essential part of our user-centered design process.

Small batch production

When your product enters the small series phase, that is when it gets exciting. Now it is time to optimize the successfully evaluated prototypes and get them ready for small series production. In addition to the continuous development of the design features, a profound production planning process is necessary to be able to implement a smooth start of this small scale production. The challenge in this phase is to ensure rapid ramp-up to a small series in the range of tens or hundreds of pieces.


Moving products from small series to large series production is an art. Producibility is the prerequisite for later scalability. Since the focus is on automation from the beginning of the product development process, the transition from the small to the large production series is possible without any additional design effort. The production volume can thus increase in parallel with the sales figures allowing investments to be flexibily adjusted as needed.

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