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You have an idea that is destined to become a real product? We are here for you - from the first thought all the way to production and for everything in between. When it comes to product planning, design and development, we are the right partner at your side. 

We offer comprehensive services in the areas of mechanical, electrical and systems engineering: 

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

  • Customized construction and design

  • Production-oriented product design

  • Production planning

  • Design of cooling systems

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical design

  • Topology design

  • Design of E/E components

  • Design HV/LV wiring harness

  • Design of clearance & creepage distances

Systems Engineering

  • Customer specific development

  • Project Management

  • Definition of quality criteria

  • Coordination with OEM development

  • Part list creation

  • FMEA creation

  • Functional safety conception