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SCIO expands prototyping and 3D printing capabilities

With moving to the new development centre at Hefner-Alteneck-Sraße 11 in Aschaffenburg, the capacities in prototyping were expanded at the same time. For this purpose, a new 3D printer "Pro2 Plus" of Raise 3D with a particularly high installation height and resolution was purchased.

The prototyping portfolio now covers everything from rapid prototyping, tool and mold making, to 3D printing of end products and trade show models. SCIO offers a wide range of printing processes and a constantly growing range of production materials. A guided print request process is available to customers via the company's own website SCIO also supports its customers in the technical design of 3D models.

"With launching the SCIO Prototyping website we are creating ideal conditions for the future growth of the prototyping division. In addition, we are able to optimally meet the needs of our customers"

Alexander Weis, CEO von SCIO Technology