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Quick decisions and direct channels

"In large companies, employees are often only a number. I like quick decisions, short official channels and am happiest when I directly see the success of the company.” Thomas Blum is 34 years old and has recently become Head of Prototyping at SCIO Technology. After almost four years working for the electric car manufacturer E.GO Mobile AG in Aachen, he is now returning to his home town Aschaffenburg.

His reasons are clear: "I have known Alex (Alexander Weis, CEO of SCIO Technology GmbH, Editor´s note) since our kindergarten days. The contact has never broken off and I have been following SCIO start and growth from the very beginning. The idea and the concept convinced me immediately".

Thomas is a trained car mechanic. In part-time and evening classes he completed his service technician and master degrees as well as additional courses before he started as Head of Prototyping. In his profession, he especially appreciates being able to put the theories he has developed into practice: "One of my main tasks is to build up the prototype construction at SCIO and to manage the operative production business. Due to my professional experience, I am pleased that I can also contribute to product development".

Besides the attraction of a new challenge, he has the goal to develop high quality battery systems and to be able to contribute to the rapid production scaling at SCIO: "To grow with the product and the whole company is a great feeling.

Thomas sees electromobility as a clear part of our future: "I am convinced that e-mobility, especially in inner-city traffic, will become an integral part of our everyday lives in the coming years. Higher ranges and faster charging cycles will play a decisive role in this. The technology has already developed rapidly in recent years".

Thomas also sees an electric car as a clear alternative for himself: "The electric drive is ideal for my daily route profile with its short commuting distance".